Big Bully

dear followers of Pinky,

my nanny is a big bully. just now, she insisted on carrying me. hey, i’m not a baby anymore ok! i’m not even a teenager! i’m a handsome young man now so it’s not good to be seen carried around so often. i mean, sometimes when she does it under the cover of the dark at night, i don’t really mind u know? but in broad daylight? hey! i got my pride ok.

after i struggled free, my nanny scolded me. she even jabbed my head & told me that i was being ‘difficult’. who says i’m being difficult? even my mommy agrees that we shouldn’t put ourselves at the mercy of humans – to be carried as and when they fancy.

do u know that my mommy NEVER allows herself to be carried? that’s what i call pride. so i’m very angry now. my nanny carried me not once but twice! after she put me down, i went to my mommy’s house. didn’t want to see her face. angry. tried to squeeze myself between the food tray but realised that i’m too big now. then i tried to hide behind the toilet.. but that was tied too tightly to the walls & i couldn’t get enough room to squeeze in. so i still had to face that big bully of a nanny. i’m not talking to her till she apologizes to me… and pats me 1000 times.

till we meet again, enjoy the photos of me… the ever goodlooking Prince Pinky.

lotsa love,

the handsome


a day in the life of Pinky

26/4/06… it was a hot afternoon. mommy and i were taking our afternoon nap when the paparazzi started snapping away.

Used to all these lousy photographers, i continued to sleep.

but the flash eventually got to me so i moved to another part of my garden to sleep.

it started pouring all of a sudden! and mommy & i were forced to take shelter under the stool…

then my personal chef came & gave us our lunch of carrots.

it was still pouring after lunch. sian ah. so i just stoned in the toilet…

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