The Story of Bazhang & Tangyuan

I’ve had rabbits for the longest time… since i was a young kid, i’ve always liked rabbits. I used to keep the local white rabbits till the last one, June, died when i was in sec sch. Although i always wanted to keep rabbits as pets again, i never quite got down to it till BZ & TY came along.

BZ & TY came to be part of my family by chance. They were owned initially by a local breeder who were hoping they would mate. Unfortunately, one (or both) of them was sterile and hence they never got to breed. The breeder then gave them to my friend, Archangel.

After keeping them for about 1 month, Archangel decided to go overseas to study & when he found out that i liked rabbits, he decided to let me foster them. I was supposed to only care for them till he came back… heh… but i ended up kidnapping the rabbits for good.

I’m ashamed to say that i wasn’t the one who took the most care of BZ & TY. They were really my dad’s rabbits… he was the one who fed them and changed their bedding regularly. I only petted them when i came home late at night, and did the occassional changing of bedding. I enjoyed playing with the rabbits but i wasn’t the caregiver. BZ & TY obeyed my dad the most. It’s quite amazing how rabbits can understand simple commands.

BZ & TY were very good looking rabbits (though BZ was an oversized dwarf). I think they led happy lives while they were at my house. In the morning, my dad would give them pellets for breakfast and then let them out into the garden. After doing a little morning exercise, they would find a cool spot to rest. In the afternoons, when the sun shone strongly in the front garden, they would retire to their brick hide-out at the side of my house. There, in the cool shade, they were nap till it was time for lunch.

Lunch was usually fresh veggie like carrots & cabbage. Both of them loved to eat carrots. After their lunch, it would be time for their late afternoon siesta back at the hideout. Sometimes they would also snack on my mom’s plants along the side of my house. And when it was dinner time, they would automatically go back to their cage to wait for food. Poor rabbits… sometimes when my dad went out to meet clients and came back only after having dinner with my mom, then the rabbits would only get their dinner at 9pm or so. By then they were usually starving and would come running helter skelter when they hear my dad shake the biscuit tin containing the pellets.

TY died in a very tragic accident in Sep ’05. Although everyone says that rabbits don’t cry, i can personally testify that her death affected BZ a lot. The big guy threw tantrums and went into depression after that. I’m 100% sure it was ‘cos he missed his childhood partner.
BZ has since passed away… and it’s like a whole generation of rabbits gone. I’m positive they went to rabbit heaven. I’m not as upset now as when BZ was struggling to stay alive. He was a fighter till the end. Had he survived and gone blind (he was developing cataracts in his eyes), i would have gladly taken care of him. But it’s ok. He’s with TY now.

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