MRT Escalator Etiquette

I remember there used to be signs at all MRT stations telling people to keep left when standing on the escalator, leaving the right half of the escalator for people who want to climb up the steps.  Unfortunately, these signs were removed a couple of years ago.  Did SMRT assume that Singaporeans will naturally stand on the left?  If that was the assumption, then they’re sorely mistakened.

Every morning during peak office traffic, I always see some jokers standing on the right side of the escalator, obstructing a smooth flow of human traffic.  Granted some of these folks are the elderly so perhaps they aren’t familiar with the system.  That said, many of these blockages are working adults who, even if they didn’t know about the “stand on your left rule”, should at least be more observant and SEE that everyone else is standing on the left right?  Or perhaps these idiots are just inconsiderate morons who like making a nuisance of themselves.

I understand that tourists may grapple with the system too but hey, in Rome, do as the Romans do right?  One really can’t go wrong if one opens one’s eyes and take note of what’s happening around one.

Anyway, apart from standing on the left, I would also like to advise all the “aunties” not to wear too tight a skirt.  Like the short & fat auntie who was in front of me this morning, struggling to walk up the escalator ‘cos her skirt was just too tight.  For goodness’ sake.  If you’ve grown fat, wear a looser skirt – or just stand on the left!

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  1. 1 k

    I also hate it when people read their newspapers (or sms) and continue reading and walking slowly after getting off the escalators, causing a jam behind them.

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