Been wanting to partition my hdd for some time now… thought of splitting the 120G (actually it’s just 111G) of hdd space into 2 partitions… c:\ to hold all my programs, and an e:\ for “data”… like MP3s, movies, photos, etc.

Wanted to get Partition Magic to do the job.  But i got hold of another software instead – Acronis Disk Director.  It’s a powerful software… allows users to do various housekeeping of the hdd.  But i only used the partitioning tool lah.  Very easy to use.  No fuss.  Just a few clicks and it’s done.  Excellent.  Highly recommend it to all hardware idiots like me.  Hehe.

Does anyone else here use a Toshiba Protege M500?  ‘Cos i have some problems with the fingerprint reader.  It takes like 10 tries sometimes b4 it recognises my fingerprint!  And i’m not sure if the problem is ‘cos my fingers are too dry, too skinny, or whatever…

I’ve turned off the password using fingerprint reader option liao.  No use for it really… but i’m nonetheless curious if i got a dud for a laptop… especially after all the fiasco with PA Mart.

I posted my fight with PA Mart (which btw, i still haven’t had time to go down to get them to re-do the warranty) on the hardwarezone forum… and was told that someone once posted a thread saying that he/she bought the laptop from PA Mart… only to find out it was a display set!  Wah lau eh.  Damn KNS right?  I hope it didn’t happen to me!  🙁  Not that i would know right?  Hence the importance of the 2-year warranty!

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