Battery Life

Unplugged my Galaxy Note 3 from the charger at about 8am this morning. As with any new phone, I subjected it to quite heavy usage throughout today.

I played Pet Saga, checked multiple social media platforms, used  Gtalk (or more commonly known as Hangouts now), Whatsapp-ed, FB messenger, took a few calls & so on & amazingly, my hp didn’t reach the 15% low battery warning till past 12:3O am.

It feels really good to finally have a smart phone where I can use it as it’s meant as to be used & not worry about the battery dying on me.

One thing that really bugged me about the S4 was how I had to always be so conscious / careful about its use as the battery kept dying on me before I got home.

The Note 3 has made me realise that no matter how feature packed a hp is, it’s nonetheless useless if the battery life sucks.

Using the Note 3 reminds me of the good old days of my Nokia hp when a single charge could last the entire day.

The S-Pen is also such a joy to use. I think I’m a true covert to being a fan of the Galaxy Note series.

Definitely no regrets despite the hefty price tag.

Next thing I got to do is to side load my Amazon Kindle app so that I can re-download the book my cell group is doing for bible study.

Hope my mom makes good use of my S4. The experience wasn’t too bad while it lasted. Heh!

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