War in Forbidden City?

hello dear friends and fans,

i was greatly alarmed last Monday when i suddenly heard pounding sounds coming from around my backyard.  i remember the horror stories that my mommy told me before… of how owners left pitiful bunnies to die when war broke out.  i remember my mommy saying then that we should always be ready for such times.  i know we’ll be ok food-wise… ‘cos there’s fresh supply of grass.  but we haven’t solved the water issue yet!  if no one refills our water tray, we’ll all die of thirst!  🙁

as the pounding sounds grew louder, i sprang to my feet with my ears upright.  then i heard footsteps.  thud, thud, thud.  oh no!!  it must be soldiers coming to destroy the Forbidden City!

i ran around in circles trying to warn everyone but my mommy just lay next to the washing machine sleeping.  no one bothered to listen to me!  in panic, i ran back to my house… then i heard the footsteps & a voice calling me, “pinky?  pinky?”.  how did the soldier know my name?  he must’ve been observing my kingdom for a long time!

jumping out of my house, i ran to where my mommy slept.  she opened one eye to look at me, and went back to sleep.  i crouched as near to my mommy as possible.  i saw feet approaching.  as i huddled with my back pressed against the wall of the cupboard, the figured started to look familiar.

*phew*.  it was my chauffeur.  to deliver our afternoon meal.  bleah!  that scared me!  smelling food, my mommy woke up.  i asked her about the terrible pounding sounds that had now stopped.  my chauffeur and my mommy said that the sounds came from the house behind the Forbidden City.  stupid owners were tearing down the old house and building a new one.  sigh.  scared me for nothing.

hot and sticky from all the running, i decided to ignore everyone and clean my fur coat instead.  stupid humans.



sweaty-ly yours,


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