Went for the Grasshopper Forever (Cao Meng) concert just now.  They were sooooo good.  I like quite a few of their songs though i don’t really know the words ‘cos i listened to them during a time when my Chinese was really really bad… when i couldn’t even read the words to memorise them… and could only learn a song by listening to it repeatedly.

Saw a couple of local celebrities in the audience – Kit Chan, Taufik, Chong Qing.  Don’t ask me what Taufik was doing there since he obviously doesn’t understand Cantonese… maybe it’s to learn stage presence, how to work a crowd, etc.  Plus i’m sure his tickets were free since 1 of the sponsors of the concert was Hype Record (Ken Lim… Taufik… ring a bell?).  Boy were the Grasshoppers good at getting the audience on their feet.  Even my mom stood up and swayed along.  Haha.

Edmond So also shared that this year will be his 10th wedding anniversary.  And pictures of the singers with their familes were also flashed on the screens.  I felt so happy looking at them.  Firstly the Grasshoppers have stayed together as a group for over 2 decades, never mind if they haven’t released many new albums in recent years.  Fact is they never disbanded over “creative differences” or burgeoning egos.  Secondly, all 3 of them have normal family lives.  Isn’t that great?

Here are some videos… blurry ‘cos i zoomed in too much.  🙁  But oh well, better than nothing.  I took so many videos and photos that my N95 kena low batt.  And i had to delete the mp3s in my memory card to free up space!  Haha.


Sorry for the heads popping up and jerky movements… heh… the audience started getting up and dancing halfway through this song! 🙂


This is proof of why the Grasshoppers are still THE dancer masters!


Going to sleep now anyway. It’s taking too long to upload the videos! Bleah!  Oh and it’s quite amazing how they didn’t drop or fling the mikes away by accident… heehee.

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