2:26am.  Was in the toilet washing up when my phone rang.  I ran out to see who it was… i mean, it should be an important call if it came at 2:26am?  A friend in need of help perhaps? 

“03 calling” was flashing on the screen of my hp.  Sheesh.  I gave him my hp no. like 2.5 weeks ago?  What the heck was he calling me at 2:26am in the morning?!  Decided not to take the call.  Recalled the time ABC called me in the wee hours of the morning too.  Sigh.  I wouldn’t be surprised if 03 was not too sober to be calling at this time.  I mean, we’re talking about an ex-schoolmate that i saw for the first time in 10 years in Dec last year, and whom i exchanged contacts with only recently.  Sorry, i may be awake, but it doesn’t mean i’ll take your call.  I refuse to talk to drunkards.

Saw this excerpt on my friend’s blog.  Two very keen observations, good food for thought. 

“Just how many times do people say things they claim they didn’t have intentions to? Far too often.
Actually, verbal cues may not apply at all in some situations because people like to believe that they are being ‘politically’ and/or ‘socially’ correct and that they were compelled to respond that way.
BUT take another person, who not only observes such political/social cues but corresponds that with non-verbal cues. Cues may be cues, but non-verbal cues are quite the different story – it’s almost unconscious. We hardly think about it. So when drawn into a situation like this, where all cues correspond – we get ‘chemistry’.
There is no chemistry, if non-verbal cues are not involved.
So, if a person tells you, he has miscommunicated his intentions, then that’s crap because with intent there is consciousness.”

There you have it.  Chemistry explained and intentions unravelled.  No misunderstanding for sure.

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