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In Other Words

Heard from Phiten today that there was a long queue of people at the AIA Customer Service and the GE Building during lunch as people rushed to surrender their insurance policies in light of the bad patch AIG is going through.  Gosh.  I suppose if a person isn’t really involved in the financial industry, the […]

F1 Mania

                        I can practically taste the F1 mania arriving on our shores…

The American Giant

Many emails flying around from management (looks like US is working overnight) regarding AIG’s downgrade from S&P ‘AA-‘ to ‘A-‘ and AHA’s (American Home Assurance Company) downgrade from S&P ‘AA+’ to ‘A+’. The Beast also sent an email to us saying if any of the cancellation clauses in our policies are triggered ‘cos of the […]

Will AIG go the way of Lehman Brothers?

Lehman Brothers announced today that it was going file for Chapter 11 in the US today and the NY Times reported that AIG has sought a bridge loan of USD40bil from the Federal Reserve to tide over its short term liquidity squeeze.  Got a few calls from clients asking for updates on AIG & its […]

Where to draw the Line…

Hehe.. realised my title can be a little misleading.  Got a beauty question for all girls out there actually… how do you draw your eyeliner on your upper eyelid?  Do you draw the line above or below the lashes?  I recently got inspired to use eyeliner again after doing eye makeup hassle free for my […]

Good "Suans"

Suan – To pass a sarcastic remark You know, sometimes, some suans are so good, I consider them works of art.  Here’re some of the good ones I’ve received / given / heard. Suan #1 Was having drinks with Bigmac, Upsize (a guy), Azure and Booze Queen two weeks ago.  We started talking about bikinis […]

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