Where to draw the Line…

Hehe.. realised my title can be a little misleading.  Got a beauty question for all girls out there actually… how do you draw your eyeliner on your upper eyelid?  Do you draw the line above or below the lashes? 

I recently got inspired to use eyeliner again after doing eye makeup hassle free for my cousin’s wedding last week.  I usually draw the line above my lashes… but Booze Queen advised that if I don’t want to "hide" my double eyelids, I should draw the line below the lashes. 

I tried it the next day and it worked.  My double eyelids were more obvious when I drew the line below the lashes.  The entire look was more natural… but the eyes weren’t as pronounced?

Sigh.  So I’m in a dilemma now… to draw above or below?

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  1. 1 Bianca

    Hihi, I’m here to give my 2 cents worth about eyeliner. Basically, eyeliner can be drawn both on top and below the lashes. With double eyelids, drawing the eyeliner may hide your double eyelids. However, you can draw a thinner line of eyeliner, so as the double eyelid is still visible and at the same time, contour your eyes. Drawing it below your eyelashes, looks au naturale, but remember, you need to line it every now and then as your eyeliner might be wash away by your tears. It all comes to a conclusion on how you want your look to be. For a more intensifying look, I would say, draw above the eyelashes. Hopefully this helps. If you like, you can drop by my blog too. Thanks! =)

  2. 2 uptowngal

    That was the conclusion I got to… draw above the lash = more dramatic. Draw below = more natural… and tends to smudge more too. Mebbe I’ll toggle abt so I won’t get bored. Haha.

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