Civil Commotion in Bunny Land

There was total chaos, bordering on anarchy in the Forbidden City last night.  After my dad flew off to HK/Germany on Thursday morning, the bunnies had to stop their usual routine of visiting one another’s enclosure.  (Horlicks & Pinky share 1 enclosure while Peanut & Coffee share another enclosures.  My dad has a nightly routine of taking turns to lock one pair of bunnies up in their individual cages and let the other pair into the locked bunnies’ enclosure.  We have to do this ‘cos Coffee will fight with Horlicks and Pinky). 

Anyway, at about 1am plus last night, I was about to shower when my mom called & said that Horlicks had breached the wire fence separating the 2 enclosures and was engaging Coffee in a fight in Coffee’s enclosure.  In the ensuing chaos, the best my mom could do was to take a polycarbonate sheet to separate the 2 fighting bunnies.  Peanut was terrified & crouched in a corner in her cage.  Pinky… well… Pinky was just nonchalant.  In fact, he took the opportunity to finish all the pellets in Horlicks’ food tray before eating the pellets in his.  Greedy boy.

I tried to carry Horlicks to put her back into her enclosure but erm, her butt was a little wet from spraying urine across Coffee’s enclosure (a sign of marking her territory… it’s the way bunnies harass one another… like how loansharks splash red paint outside defaulting borrowers’ homes) so I didn’t really want to hug her against me.  In the end, I had to lift up the wire fence separating the 2 enclosures and literally push Horlicks back into her territory. 

Next, Iceman and I had to calm all the bunnies down (except Pinky who was still eating) as they were all very agitated.  I was quite worried the stress would give them a heart attack.  My mom, Iceman and I deliberated quite a while over how to prevent Horlicks from jumping over to Coffee’s side again.  Horlicks is quite a high jumper and so it’s extremely easy for her to jump over the wire fence which is about slightly above my knee (I’m 1.62m tall… sorry I can’t quite estimate the height of the fence).

We ended up using a polycarbonate sheet to separate the 2 enclosures as it’s about waist high.  Iceman and I also coaxed Pinky and a sulking Horlicks into the backyard to allow them to run a bit.  That seemed to pacify Horlicks (she has sooo much pent up energy). 

Decided to follow my dad’s nightly routine tonight… which meant taking turns to allow the bunnies to have a free run of the entire side yard and front porch area.  I think they were all happy with the exercise.  Certainly hope this would discourage Horlicks from launching another attack on Coffee!  Sigh.

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