Tough Cookie Horlicks

Horlicks gave me a fright 2 nights ago.  I opened the sliding door at the side of my house to take a peek at the bunnies.  I saw Horlicks dashing in from the car porch, and there was blood on her front left paw.  I quickly went to check on her and saw that the line of blood on her front left paw was about an inch long.  The cut on her hind left paw was worse, it went almost 3/4 way around her ankle.  Thankfully, she could run and there didn’t seem to be any problems with her movements. 

I went to look for Pinky next.  Was worried that some cat could’ve gotten in and attacked them or something.  Panicked for a moment ‘cos I couldn’t find Pinky anywhere in the car porch!!  Luckily, the little boy was lying down safely in the backyard, next to the washing machine, oblivious as usual to Horlicks’ antics.

I tried to use wet cotton wool to wipe the blood from Horlicks’ paws but she wouldn’t keep still.  In the end, I took a cup and poured water over the paws to try to “clean” the wound. 

Later on that night, when I went to check on the bunnies, Horlicks’ had licked off all the blood stains.  That’s a good thing I suppose ‘cos saliva has anti-septic properties.  She seemed all right when I peeped at her last night (got home pretty late) and this morning.  Will continue to observe her the next few days… will need to check for signs of infection too.  Sigh.

I have no idea how Horlicks got injured.  She might’ve tried jumping onto the rectangular flower stand that extends along the side walls of the car porch, or slipped and caught her paws in the drain cover.  She’s just too daring and you can’t restrict her movements either ‘cos the pent up energy will just explode and she’ll start picking fights with other bunnies.

*Shakes head*.  I do hope she learns from this and takes more care in her explorations from now on!

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November 2008