Stupidity Index At All Time High

ITM is causing me to get a heart attack.  This morning, I requested that she transfers my phone extension to my new seat.  She went into the server room and said she’s done the transfer as per my request.  However, in her brilliance, she managed to cause my extension to ring at 2 seats.

When an external call comes in, the call will go to my old seat.  Same goes for internal calls… the phone at my old seat will ring.  However, if you use the phone at my old seat to call my extension, the phone at my new seat will ring!

It’s so brilliant I can’t figure out how she did it. 

When I told ITM about the problem, she insisted that it’s ‘cos I didn’t physically change the phones from my old seat to my new seat.  COME ON LAH!  If physically changing the phones will effect a transfer, then when people move house, does that mean they just bring their phones along with them, plug it into the line at their new house, and the number is transferred?!  DUH!??

*Breathes deeply to cool down*

ITM insisted that I physically change phones to "test".  So I obliged to demonstrate to her that that is NOT how lines are transferred.  She then said, "Ok.  I know what the problem is now", to which I said, "I hope you do".

But that would be expecting too much of her obviously.  ‘Cos she went to HKie for help… and he’s no better… ‘cos I had to explain the entire damn story to him…. and they’re both currently in the server room trying to fix it.

Gosh.  Can one get any more stupid?

3 Responses to “Stupidity Index At All Time High”

  1. 1 kennhyn

    don’t called people stupid… r we really that smart?

  2. 2 stephen 3 6 0

    K-ny, relax dude, we all are EMO. And here we go, this is a personal blog~ kaka. Chill

  3. 3 uptowngal

    there’ll always be someone smarter and that person can call me stupid. at least i know just moving phones around does not equal transferring of phone lines…

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