A temp staff (who just finished NS and is waiting to start uni) will be joining us on Monday to help out in my dept.  I’m supposed to assign things to him to do but I really can’t think of much things.  Iceman suggested making him buy kopi and curry puff… which I guess might be the most productive thing he can contribute… but then I found out he’s a son of my CEO so… maybe I need to buy kopi & curry puff for him instead.

Anyway, I finally moved to Beanstalk’s seat, which is directly behind my original workstation so that the temp staff can take my recently vacated workstation.  Spent about 1.5hrs during lunch moving my pc and belongings.  I initially wanted IT to move my pc for me ‘cos the wires were kind of dusty and I didn’t want to risk chipping my nails.  But since I removed my nail polish last night, I decided to roll up my sleeves and do it myself since it’ll take forever for them to do it.  (And they might short circuit my pc by plugging in the cables wrongly or something).

While moving my things, it suddenly occurred to me that whatever my IT dept does in office… was what I used to do when I was a temp staff at a local ISP helpdesk waiting to start university.  Sigh.  Maybe we should hire more temps to replace them.  Hmm…

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