Nokia 808

I’m so looking forward to the newly announced Nokia 808. Reason why i haven’t changed my Nokia N8 is because i haven’t found a hp that better suits my 4 very basic requirements:

1) Able to multitask.

I’m an impatient person and i hate waiting for things to load on the hp. If i surf to a site or launch a game that cannot be loaded in 2s, then i want to be able to switch to another app, be it to read e-mails or check the weather, while the first app loads whatever it’s supposed to.

2) An excellent camera phone

I love snapping pictures on the fly. Whether it’s pics of my bunny hopping around or stupid drivers who can’t park properly, my hp must deliver superb quality pics in a range of settings (moving object, low light, etc).

3) Offline GPS navigation

I think GPS navigation apps that require an online data connection just doesn’t cut it. Since i’m most likely to need navigational help when i’m in unfamiliar surroundings (read: overseas), then it doesn’t make sense if i have to connect to the Internet and incur huge data roaming charges.

4) Flexibility in customisation

I love customising my hp. I love setting different ringtones for different contacts, different profiles for different environments (, outdoors, home, privacy, etc) and what i love best about my N8 is how it can automatically switch to different profiles based on pre-defined parameters. For e.g., when it picks up the base stations near my office, my hp automatically goes into the soft “office profile”. Every Sun, it switches to silent mode from 9:55am – 12pm when i’m in church. When i select “drive profile”, it switches on the bluetooth to connect to my earpiece & launches Vlingo, the voice command app. The feeling of having a phone adjust itself to fit my schedule is fantastic.

To date, i’ve not found another phone that meets my 4 criteria above and thus i’m loyally sticking to my N8.

The Nokia 808 looks set to meet all my requirements, and more!! Just search for the white paper online and u’ll see why it’s the best digicam around. Being a Nokia Belle OS, it means the hp can multitask & allow users to customise it they way they want it to work.

And being a Nokia Symbian phone, the Maps software offers offline nav capabilities in over 80 countries.

The 808 is said to be priced at EUR 450 w/o contract. Bring it on man!

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February 2012