Latest Bunny Pics

Got more cute pics of the bunnies.



Guard duty.






“Red alert – what’s that sound?”






“We have to be careful of catruders,  u know!”






Pinky en pointe!






“Don’t think of touching my food!”






A very wet Horlicks.






Ms. Michelin






Pinky snoozing away.






“Sorry, didn’t mean to poop on the floor”






A very handsome Coffee.






Lazy Peanut on a hot afternoon.






Peanut @ the front garden.






Muah Chee & his food tray.






Looking absolutely toy-like!




The bunnies send their love.  🙂

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  1. 1 snarkolepsy

    Is your bunny Coffee a lionhead? I was set on getting once of those but instead got the red thrianta that I post pictures of a lot. It is a little funny that you are in another country and you have many of the same items we have. The same bowls, and boxes.

  2. 2 uptowngal

    Yup. Coffee & Peanut are both supposed to be lionhead dwarfs… but i think the dwarf gene in Peanut isn’t working ‘cos she’s pretty big. Coffee is relatively thinner & he has a single mane. Peanut… multi-maned… haha. My dad’s going to trim her fur again.

    If i were to get another bunny, i think i’ll stick to lops. They’re friendlier & more responsive… Horlicks & Pinky will run to greet me whenever i open the door. And if Pinky is satisfied with the way i brush his fur, he’ll give me appreciative licks on the ankles. Muah Chee & Horlicks also follow instructions very well… like, “go garden”, “sleep”, “pat pat”. But the lionheads – Coffee & Peanut – they’re not as tame… and they don’t like people touching them too much. Not the cosy type.

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