Tuesday Peeves

Was really really annoyed on the MRT this morning as the MRT announcements on the train were just WAY TOO LOUD! What’s with blasting the speakers at the max man! And the announcements come non-stop. First, the speakers blare out the station name, then the instruction to mind the gap, then the name of the next station, and then mid-way between stations the speakers blast out more warnings in Singapore’s 4 official languages. Gosh! Like enough already! How many times do you need to tell people to be careful? If people are stupid enough to have their hands caught at the outer edges of the sliding doors or have their feet stuck in the gap between the train and the platform, then it’s jolly too bad for them!

I spent the entire time on the train using my hands to cover my ears as I was unfortunate enough to have been edged by the crowd to stand just below the darn speakers. Grr… no wonder so many Singaporeans are deaf these days. My left ear actually hurt from the loud volume!

Speaking of the word “hurt”. Brings to mind another pet peeve of mine – when people mangle the past tense of the word and say “hurted”. Or “quitted” for that matter. Stop putting an “-ed” to words that do NOT have an “-ed” in its past tense! It’s embarrassing especially when I hear people like Kid’s Meal say it in meetings. Makes me cringe and even more embarrassingly, she’s not even aware that some words do not have a different form for past tense! Gosh! I wonder if she says “readed” or “cutted” or something!

Has Singapore’s standard of English drop that badly that kids who study in our local primary schools aren’t taught basic grammar and spelling? I’m perfectly fine with people speaking Singlish – as long as they’re able to switch to proper English in a formal / work setting.

Ok… I think that’s enough peeves for a day. Time for lunch!

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