One Week More…

Went to Simei (Eastpoint area) for lunch today.  Was surprised to see this Caucasian (angmoh) family having "cai beng" at the same coffeeshop as me.  I guess that was an unusual enough sight because after I left the coffeeshop, I saw 3 Chinese girls taking photos with the 2 angmoh kids.  I have no idea why those girls were taking photos with the kids.  I mean.. have they not seen blonde-headed kids before?!?  Sigh… quite an embarrassment isn’t it?  (Though I suspect the girls may not be Singaporeans).

After lunch, I shopped around Eastpoint a bit for toiletries and to my surprise, I saw more angmohs shopping around Eastpoint!  Hmm… have rental rates in Singapore really turned that crazy that all these expats are now infiltrating our HDB heartlands?

I was specially surprised because Simei isn’t exactly the most convenient of locations and I would think most expats (if they had to stay in a HDB flat) would choose somewhere more convenient… like Tiong Bahru or something.

Nonetheless, the sight of an angmoh family eating our very local "cai beng" made me sort of happy.  I am glad to see non-locals adopting our Singapore lifestyle.  I take it as a sign that they are happy with the way Singaporeans live, and I think that says a lot about us as a host country.

Am going for a hair trim tomorrow after work.  Hair is getting way too heavy… and I want something manageable in Australia!  Checked my calendar just now and it hit me that I’m flying off to Australia in 8 days!  *Horrified*.  I didn’t realise it was THIS soon!  When I posted my last post, I knew cognitively that my trip was coming soon.  But now it has really HIT me.  I’m going away for 17 days!  Woohoo!  (Though I still am not very sure what I should do in those 17 days.  Am considering someone’s suggestion that I should put my aunts and my mom on a bus trip along the Great Ocean Road so that I can have some time on my own.  :P)

Okie… that’s it for now.  Am making it a conscious effort to blog more regularly.  But I need me zzz now.  2:30am.  Bleah.

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