you get what you give

i sent out a 2nd round of sms-es today to people who have not replied to my 1st round of sms wedding invitation.  some came back and said yes, others said they couldn’t make it ‘cos they won’t be in Singapore.  some also said they will get back to me later ‘cos they are still waiting for their travel schedules.  looking at the guest list, i must admit that i was rather disappointed that some of my NTU friends are unable to make it.  but being internal auditors, i know they travel quite a bit and so they won’t be around. 

on the other hand, i noted with great gladness, that some really old friends that i used to hang out with are coming.  i was pleasantly surprised at the speed of their replies.  some old old friends from TPJC, some of the first batch of Singnet colleagues i worked with, ex-Frankelites who have since gone to other churches and 2 NTU friends who said “yes”, despite knowing that they will not know anyone else at the wedding. 

i guess what saddens me most is that the group of people that i am supposed to have the most support from, support, i do not have.  for whatever reasons there may be, i suppose the bottom line is that i haven’t invested much time with these friends in recent years.  i’m starting to believe that even in friendships, it’s better to be hot (close friends) or cold (whereby the friendship can be revived), than lukewarm (where you’re neither coming nor going).

but it’s ok.  everything can be worked out.  i just need to tap other sources of help.  i haven’t asked the intern to do anything for some time now… muahahaha *evil laugh*.

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