Whatever It Takes

I’ve been very upset lately, enough to even resign from my job if push comes to shove. The person causing my grief is Xiaowang. Xiaowang is a self-proclaimed regional expert in 1 of the product lines i handle. I am suspicious of his character and the fact that he was fired by his previous company over alleged misconduct only makes me question his integrity even more.

So what has Xiaowang do to make me so pissed off? 1st, his team mate and him passed very derogatory remarks about my work, calling it “rubbish” and that their “dead goldfish was capable of producing better work”. 2nd, he accused my boss of stealing his client, even though he has no grounds to make this accusation. 3rd, he threatened that if i do not use his version of a wording, i should be prepared to lose my job. 4th, he accused my dept of commiting an error and omission. After an investigation showed that this was a groundless conjuncture on his part, he called me and ranted that the investigation was “rubbish”. 5th, he contacted the underwriter that i deal with behind my back but thanks to the close relationship we have with this underwriter, we were alerted about it and Xiaowang was told by the underwriter to speak to us. 6th, he then tried to go behind our backs to speak to the client and it’s cos of this that i made an urgent trip to Manila to ensure that he won’t get private airtime with the client. After extending my stay an extra day to resolve all issues Xiaowang created and keep the client satisfied, Xiaowang sabotaged all the effort i put in by contacting the client while i was on the plane on the way back to Singapore, by accusing me of shortchanging the client. I sent an e-mail to him and all internal staff involved to defend my proposal for the client and to ask him to explain what he said. His reply? His textbook understanding of some terms is different from what i have written in my policy wording for the client and thus he told them what i put together for them is inferior, despite the fact that it is not. By his loose use of words and by not checking the facts, he has damaged my reputation and weakened the client’s trust in me.

My Manila office called me panicking on Fri the min i touched down at Changi airport. I was furious. I want to make sure this is resolved regardless of the cost. Maybe Xiaowang is ok with living with the fact that he was terminated by his ex-employer for less than honourable reasons – google his name and one can find the news splashed all over the Internet – but i will not let my reputation be damaged by him. I promise i will clear my name in front of the client even if this sparks off an internal war. I am going to be transparent and set things right, whatever the cost.

I was feeling extremely tired by Xiaowang’s non-stop sabotage but i’ve now decided that nothing comes easy. I will not be defeated.

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