Counting Down

Just confirmed today that my last day at work will be 8 Aug. Well, officially it’s 9 Aug… but if i work on National Day… how the heck am i supposed to claim a day off right?? So, my last day at the 18th floor of SLT will be on 8 Aug 2006. (My notice period turned out to be 2 weeks and not 1 month. Heh.)

Had a short discussion with a colleague today and it seems that my boss hasn’t decided who’s going to take over my duties for Triumph. I told some of the agents at the showflat today that this would be my last week with CI… and sent a mass mail out about it too…

Initially, i wanted to wait till i knew who was taking over before breaking the news to them. That way, at least i could like give clearer instructions on transition issues/matters… but given that there’s nothing concrete planned… if i wait any longer, it would be a “hi today, bye tomorrow” kind of thing. So i thought i might as well just tell them the news today.

I want to take a short break before i start work at Eon. (Speaking of which… when i told the agents today, one of them mentioned “Eon”… so i guess she might still be reading my blog… which leads me to wonder… wouldn’t they have been guessing about my job change already?? Hmm… shall ask her when i see her over the weekend. But no.. “Eon” is not the name of my new co. It’s just my nickname for it. Haha.)

I’m definitely going to Bangkok with Cirrus. I know it’s so sua-ku but i’ve never been to Thailand!! Got a big headache over which hotel to stay, how to get around, etc. Visiting a place where i don’t understand the language for the first time is freaky. Very freaky. Was hoping to go with friends… but still haven’t found anyone who’s available at the same time as us. Sigh. I want to shop for lingerie, clothes (stuff i can try on… not those at the night markets), cheap/wholesale type of semi-precious stones, pearls & stuff, and of ‘cos try all the fantastic food, massage/spa, and manicures/pedicures. Tips on where to go anyone??

Okie… the countdown to 8 Aug starts now.

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  1. 1 dot hahahah…that’s where i’m reading up for my trip. Floating market, some pasar malam in an open space selling food, clothes…..temples…..

  2. 2 uptowngal

    Now i know… it’s ok if u surf that site for info… just don’t use it to book your hotel!!

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