Stupid Android Bug

I had this really strange issue with my Samsung S10 Plus for months. The apps simply wouldn’t update; as in they either would not download completely or the download would not start at all. I tried all the suggested solutions online such as clearing data and cache for Google Play, download manager, etc. I even reinstalled the Google accounts on my phone but it was of no help. On some days, the app would successfully download and update at the magic hour from 10-11am. No clue why that was so.

I subsequently changed phones to the Z Flip and after 2 weeks, the same issue started plaguing the phone!

I searched online for a solution and found 2 suggestions which didn’t seem to make sense. One user said he/she turned off Bluetooth and managed to get the updates to work. Another user turned on airplane mode and it worked too.

So I tried turning off and on the Bluetooth (pls note that the Bluetooth connections on the Samsung S10 Plus were ported over from my old Note 9, and the Bluetooth connection settings on the Z Flip were ported over from the S10 Plus using Samsung smart switch). Lo and behold! The updates worked!

At the same time, I received a prompt from the phone’s Bluetooth setting that a device that was added to the phone had to be re-synced for it to work. That’s when it occurred to me that maybe the old Galaxy ear buds were causing the problem!

I deleted them from my Z Flip (I’ve switched to using the Buds+) and Google Play updates have been working fine since.

Damn! Never realised something as unrelated as Bluetooth settings could cause so much problems!

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