So while queuing at Golden Shoe to buy my ice blended kopi, there was this male customer in front of me who asked the old auntie at the stall, “What type of your coffee beans do you use?  Is it Arabica?”

The poor old lady looked totally stunned.  “Simi Arabica?”, she must be thinking.  Despite her lost look, the guy kept probing – what sort of beans is this?  Do you know if they’re Arabica?

Another lady at the back said they are not sure cos the coffee powder was purchased by their boss.  They only man the stall.  The guy then said (in a polite tone), “But you’re selling coffee.  How can you not know what beans you use?”

Now, at this point I was getting a bit pek cek.  I mean… this is GOLDEN SHOE for goodness’ sake.  As far as I’m concerned, as long as it tastes good, who cares what beans they use?  (Though a search online just told me that local kopi uses Robusta beans).

Anyway, the guy was really persistent.  He then went to ask where were the coffee beans from.  The auntie said they were from Indonesia and the guy asked which part of Indonesia?  “Sulawesi?  Java?  Sumatra?”.

Again, the auntie had no clue.  Then the guy nearly went into an exposition on how knowing where the beans came from can tell you what type of beans they are because there are two types of coffee beans blah blah blah”.

WLE.  I was really a bit du lan by now.  So I cut in the conversation & asked the auntie how much did MY kopi cost.  The guy then reluctantly gave up.

Really wonder what’s his problem.  Trying to show off his new found knowledge about coffee?  Cannot make it.  Want to show off go Starbucks & show off!  Don’t harass the aunties at Golden Shoe!

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September 2012