Indoor Photoshoot

Didn’t get to do the outdoor shoot today because of the rain.  *Sniff*.  Will be going for the outdoor shoot next Tue… and will need to top up $100.  Anyway, the MUA from French Bridal, Jinyan, does makeup very well… but… her way of doing hairdos… aiyoh… damn cheena.  Whatever you see here… trust me… I already got her to tone down as much as possible… I nearly ended up with feathers in my hair!


Affable Muah Chee & Patience came along for the photoshoot.


 P1020314 P1020315 P1020316

The front looked ok… the right side looked ok but the left side… arghhhh!!!!  I can’t stand the ribbon! 


P1020324 P1020319 

This was really really cheena… but since it’s matched with a cheongsam.. ok lah.. just go along with the look.


P1020326 P1020325

*Pretends I’m in ‘In the Mood for Love’…



Iceman getting ready.  Looks good ya?  Confirm not cheena… hahaha.


 P1020332 P1020334 P1020336

Front and back of the additional gown I chose yesterday for the shoot.  Can see the pins at the back holding up my dress?  Hahaha.  Ok… this “curry pok” hairdo really doesn’t suit me… but this modernised beehive look is so popular nowadays, I just had to try lah.  The MUA wanted to put some huge fake diamond accessory on my hair but I refused… ended up using this tiny tiara borrowed from Booze Queen as a clip on the side of my head… right side… but not viewable from the photos I took above.  😛

Discussed with the MUA.  For the outdoor shoot, I’ll do the same back as the curry pok hair… but the front will be combed to the side… no more curry pok… Hahahaha.

Forgot to take photos of Iceman and me in the traditional pao and kua… will have to wait till the photos are ready… I can’t really remember what my hair looked like… think it was some braids on the sides, tied back in a bun and some entrails down the side… oh and of course… a red ruby accessory on the side too.  CHEENA!!!!!

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