Photoshoot Gown Dilemma

Just went to select gowns for the photoshoot.  I’ll have 5 outfits in total – actual day white gown, actual day evening gown, actual day kwa, photoshoot evening gown and photoshoot outdoor gown.  Here’s a sneak peek:

 P1020296 P1020297

Front & back of actual day white gown.


P1020300 P1020298

Front and back of outdoor gown for photoshoot.



Kwa – not much choice here… there were 2 kwas in small size and this one fit better… I preferred it too ‘cos I liked the silver beading rather than the white beading of the other one.  Heh.


Now comes the dilemma… I liked the colour of this turquoise gown (it’s a little more bluish than what it seems in the photo) but I really can’t stand the huge ruffle in front.

 P1020303 P1020304


Then I tried this gold cheongsam which I really liked and I think will go well in the photoshoot since I already have something in white, red and bluish purple.

 P1020305 P1020306

That said, if I choose this cheongsam… it’ll mean I have 2 cheongsams for the photoshoot?  Like a bit boring right?


The lady at French Bridal then showed me this tube gown which I like too (the design’s actually almost the same as the gold cheongsam)… but… if I choose this dark navy blue (it’s almost black if you see it in person), won’t it be very boring ‘cos my other evening gown’s also dark?  (The back view is the more accurate shade of navy blue).

 P1020307 P1020308

Sigh.  How?  I’ve reserved both the gold cheongsam and the navy blue tube but I can only pick 1 for the photoshoot.  I have less than 48hrs to decide… help!!


Oh… and in the midst of my browsing, I found this purple cheongsam which I thought is really sweet.

P1020301 P1020302

Thinking of renting it for the JB dinner.  The side panel’s made of translucent lace… hence erm, I wasn’t posing with my arm… I was covering my dark undies… hahahahaha.


Let’s recap the colour scheme here…




Or this?



Or maybe I should just give them a ring and use the purple cheongsam?



How how how?

3 Responses to “Photoshoot Gown Dilemma”

  1. 1 BQ

    the blue one is super ge tai.. ehahaha
    n the rest.. the lace.. looks… 80s.. from the pics….
    if really need to choose one…
    the purple cheong sum…
    then gold cheongsum makes your butt looks BIG…
    the blue tube dress.. the colour combination with the lace… nahhh….

  2. 2 BQ

    then again.. the gold one gives u more variation…..
    either gold or purple / pink…

  3. 3 uptowngal

    I want a light coloured gown. Problem is French’s gowns are mostly those pong pong skirts which i HATE! I’m going again tmr to try on the actual evening gown so gg to ask them to let me see some gowns again. Sigh.

    Pblm with the gold / purple cheongsams (they’re both loose hence will make me look fat, etc) is that my actual gown also cheongsam… then when i go out for photoshoot, I’ll also be wearing my own black cheongsam with pink flowers…. it’ll be like everything also cheongsam lor!!

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