IPTV bliss!

been thinking very long and very hard about posting about my free IPTV lobangs ‘cos i don’t want all the legal eagles to swoop down on these free streaming providers and end my Internet TV bliss.

but there’re some things that’re sooo good that i guess i should share!  (plus the more people viewing, the better the reception ‘cos the more people to share the spreading of lurve!).

but i digress. 

i’ve been using TVU for a few years now.  was introduced by a friend during the last Soccer World Cup.  the visuals was grainy then… and laggy too.  but oh well, better than nothing for smoeone who doesn’t want to pay 2k+ for cable tv (that’s what starhub said they charge to link the cable from outside my house to inside my house.  duh!).

i stopped watching TVU after the WC but started using again to watch F1 whenever i can’t make it down to a secret haunt to watch.  (Iceman said before that i shouldn’t spread the word on this ‘cos we don’t want people swamping down on our haunt.  heh.)

unfortunately, after TVU failed me miserably just now, i started searching online for other similar programmes and i found TVKoo! 

am really happy about this find ‘cos TVKoo has lots of HK channels on it, it seems!  i even found a channel dedicated to streaming the Happy Ghost series!

looks like i’m going to be glued to my monitor a lot more often now.  will use TVU for my sports needs, and TVKoo for my HK cravings. 

now i just need to find a player that has free TVB dramas!  (actually TVKoo has some older TVB dramas lah.  heh… but not good enough!  :P)

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