alpha female

it’s 3:59am as i start on this post.  am trying to cool down before i go to bed.  my house just experienced a major blackout.  and when i say major, i really mean major.  major enough that flipping all the switches in the fuse box to the “off” position, then switching the main fuse back on again didn’t work.  major enough that switching every single power switch in my room didn’t help.  major enough that i had to wake my dad up at 2:40am ‘cos i didn’t know what else to do.

we tried many things to get the power back on but it simply didn’t work.  even resetting the main incoming power supply outside my house didn’t work.  finally, we switched off every single switch in the house (that’s 3 levels comprising 4 bedrooms, 1 study, 1 living room, 1 dining room, 1 kitchen, 1 maid’s room, 6 toilets and a backyard mind you!)  my dad then tinkered with the main power source outside the house again and finally, just as i was giving up and going to go to bed in the heat, the power came back on.  eureka!

i thanked my dad, said goodnight, and proceeded to replug every darn switch/socket/plug in my room.  it was ok.  *phew*.  (didn’t bother to switch on the other switches in the house save the refrigerators & my piano heater).

in times like these, 2 things strike me deeply.  the first is my dad’s patience.  my mom and i are the type who will get very “mang2 zang2” agitated/irritated when problems don’t get resolved fast enough.  we’re the type who want results, and want it now.  my dad however, is very patient in this regard.  he takes problems in his stride, and calmly works at the solution.  this is probably the thing i admire most about my dad (hence this post at 4am… which btw, i texted my boss to tell him that i’m going to be “quite late” tomorrow).

the second thing to strike me is… damnit.  i wished i had a brother.  close friends would know that i’ve always wanted an older brother.  but being the firstborn (er, make that the “only born”), i always said i didn’t want any young siblings ‘cos i hate kids (yeah, even when i was a kid, i hated kids).  but when something like a power failure happens, i really wished i had a brother.  doesn’t matter younger or older ‘cos then i could leave all this “alpha male” stuff of solving blown fuses, changing light bulbs, fixing toilet flushes, fixing computer problems, etc, to a brother.

unfortunately, being the only child, i’m forced to take on this “alpha male” role and doing whatever is within my means to be the handyman around the house (or at least assist my dad as he fixes the stuff).  hey… how many girls have climbed on a plank held up by scaffolding outside the 3rd storey of their house?

that said, i sometimes think that this has indirectly made it difficult for me to be impressed by a guy – not familiar with computer stuff?  *deh*.  not familar with the latest geeky gadgets?  *deh*.  not familiar with how to change a car tyre (this one i definitely can’t do!)?  *deh*.  it also makes me wonder sometimes, why does a woman need a man? 

perhaps i’m just being too immature and superficial in the way i view relationships.  perhaps i’ve become too self-sufficient to accept another person within my emotional ambit.  or perhaps i’ve just become too used to my comfort zone and way of life to allow another person in.

whatever the case, i thank God that my dad’s a good handyman.  a stereotypical alpha male… and a patient one at that.  🙂


p.s. my poor desktop got “killed” again when the power went dead.  the diskscan didn’t show any errors… but i’m sure this latest crash is  just going to cause it to be more unstable.  argh.

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