(I promise this is the last post b4 i go zzz).Those of u on MSN would probably have seen the above statement already. Sigh… for those who still don’t know, the LTA gave me my very own photoshoot as my car sped past a red light at the junction of Simei Road & Upp Changi East last Fri (16/12). Crap. I didn’t even know there was a red light camera at that junction till i saw the flash go off.

And the weird thing is that the camera is only on the side of the road coming from Changi/PIE (i.e. towards Bedok). After consulting the agents at the showflat, the conclusion is that i’m either going to get a 12 demerit points + $200 fine, or 6 demerit points + $400 fine. And contrary to popular sentiment, i for one prefer to get more demerit points but pay less $$. Sheesh… i really don’t want to contribute to the bonus of civil servants this year lor. Damn shitty man. Argh.

Anyway, the “UTG Red Light Camera Fund” was thus set up though most people say i should just hope that there was no film in the camera, or that it was a fake camera, etc. Well, we’ll know in a couple more days’ time….)P#*(&Y^@)


Ok. I just went to check the Traffic Police site and it says that as of 26/12/2005, there’s no outstanding traffic charge against my vehicle no…. i hope this remains this way!! :O

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