2 hrs, 120min, 7200sec

Damn it. Just wasted 2 hours of my life. After church, i decided to come home ‘cos Clown said he was going to play mahjong with his family. So i came home, watched tv, and took a nap. We agreed to have dinner together and i suggested having sushi at first… but i got a call from Clown about 8:45pm to say that they were ordering KFC delivery & California Pizza ‘cos they were still playing mahjong (started at 2pm). He asked if i wanted to go over and so i did. After buying my own dinner over, eating it in front of the tv (‘cos they were still at it), i thot they would probably be done in a couple more rounds. But NO! I waited till 12:25am and they were STILL PLAYING THE BLOODY MAHJONG. By then i was damn pissed… cldn’t watch TV in the hall ‘cos his cousins were smoking and i hate the odour… and i had already spent 1.5hrs in his room, by myself, trying to chat with friends on the Internet to keep myself occupied.

What a way to start 2006 eh? My didi said his jie was the sort that needed to have an activity packed day… which really isn’t true… my reply to him was that i don’t mind idling… but it must be purposeful idling!! Not doing nothing while waiting for someone to finish playing mahjong!!! I really regretted not taking my DIF II VCDs along with me. If i did, at least i would have had something to occupy myself with and maybe not get so pissed.

But i can’t technically be angry with Clown ‘cos i asked for it right? I was the one who agreed to go over to his place knowing full well they were playing mahjong. Yeah. Can’t blame him for not even being able to take 5min of a break to say a little more than hi to me right? See? This is a classic example of ASKING FOR IT.

OK. So i’m really damn pissed now. Yes. What a way to start the new year. With absolute boredom & frustration.


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