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Despite the buzz surrounding Google’s latest product, the Google Buzz, I think I’m sticking to Twitter for now.  Here’s why:

  • Well established communities based on interest groups – I follow Mashable, Nokia Conversation, Engadget Mobile, All About Symbian and a couple of other tech related lists and it’s a must every morning to read up on the overnight developments in the geek world. 
  • Updates from celebrities – Hear it from the horses’ mouth.  Nothing gives you more instant updates on what your favourite singer / actor / public personality is doing.  What’s best, some of them may even answer questions you have.  It’s great being able to communicate with the person on the face of your CD cover. 
  • Privacy – As I strive to maintain a pseudo anonymous identity on the Web, it helps that apart from my Twitter nick, nothing else about me is shown.  In order to follow me on Buzz, users need to know my e-mail address and the last thing I want to do is to create a new e-mail account just to maintain a Buzz following.  Besides, that would defeat the purpose of seeing all the Buzz appear in your inbox…
  • Bugs – I suppose this will be resolved in time to come but there’re still some fundamental bugs in Buzz.  This morning, my friend requested that I add him on Buzz but Buzz kept giving me an error message saying “User not found”.  I don’t see any feedback / bug reporting mechanism in Buzz, which I think is important for any new product.
  • Great support – Yesterday, I tweeted this question – is Seesmic or Tweetdeck better?  Almost immediately, someone from Seesmic dropped me a reply saying if I needed help, they were a tweet away.  Now how cool is that?

There you have it.  So if you want to see what a tweetaholic like me does every hour (or thereabouts), follow me on @uptowngal.

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