Freaking Broke

Stupid new kid on the block.  Got cornered by Big Mac to give a dinner treat.  She paid for a $300+ dinner… and so after dinner, Big Mac asked me for a treat too.   Said it was way overdue.  Well, not that i mean to be stingy… but i AM very broke at the end of every month, with my bank account dwindling to about $100-200 the few days before the next pay comes in.

Sometimes i wonder where all my money goes – i hardly buy designer wear, i seldom buy jewellery… but i do indulge in good food & drink.  The bulk of my expenses would probably go into paying for my car.  The instalment + insurance costs me about $605 a month.  Petrol costs another $200, and parking probably about $150?  Then of course there’s the instalment payment for my invisalign… another $300 every 1.5 months?  Plus money i give my parents, toiletries, etc… that takes up practically all my pay.  Sigh.  And the $200 or so i save every month… i always buy new gadgets like handphones, digicam, laptop, etc.  Sigh.

Kind of upset ‘cos i’m really tight this month…   That’s it.  Not going to get ripped off by Big Mac.  Not my problem if Kid’s Meal is stupid and got conned into giving a $300+ treat.  She is stupid what.  I can’t help it if she’s naive, gullible, and incessantly foolish. 

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  1. 1 katrine

    that’s life here *sigh
    bills bills bills…no end

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