the ability to empathise

dear friends,

did you all read the article about my poor korean compatriots being put on a diet?  i feel their pain man, i feel their pain.


Title: Tubby SKorea zoo animals put on diet

27 Aug 2007 1628 hrs (GMT + 8hrs)

SEOUL – After almost a decade of the good life, tubby animals in a South Korean zoo are to go on a diet.

Seoul Grand Park zoo, which had been feeding its charges according to 1998 guidelines, has decided to go back closer to nature, the JoongAng Daily reported Monday.

“Feeding the animals according to the 1998 guidelines made the animals overweight,” Park Seon-Deok, a member of the animal management team, was quoted as saying.

The zoo will decrease the amount of processed food, to which the animals have become accustomed, and increase the amount of natural materials.

“Horses, for example, like processed food better than grass, which is what they would be eating in the wild,” Park said.

The zoo is also cutting portion sizes and instituting exercise programmes.

In addition to healthier animals, it hopes to cut its annual 1.8 billion won (1.9 million dollar) feeding bill. – AFP/ra


my unfriendly chauffeur cum chef have recently decided to put my daddy, mommy and me on a diet.  this was after a complaint from my bitchy maid, who gossiped about my daddy being overweight.  and of ‘cos, as part of her incessant complaining, she also bitchecd about my mom being obese after giving birth, and me putting on weight!

i don’t know what’s her problem.  what’s wrong with a little cute bunny being a little beefier and hunkier huh?  is she jealous that she can’t get a guy like me?  and not only does my maid gossip about our weight… she also says really mean things to me like, “oooh, you’re so fat… cook u then u know”  or “fatty bom bom, cat come and eat you then you know ah”.  what sort of human in the right mind would say that to me huh?  ME, a globally loved, adored, and worshipped bunny.

i’m offended by all the names she calls me.  i hate it even more when she pinches my tummy.  don’t know how my daddy can take it.  show you some photos.  you tell me whether i’m fat or not (obviously NOT!)



this is my daddy.  he has a slight belly.. but hey, what’s a few love handles?






i think my daddy looks perfectly cute and admirable.






a pic of me.  beefy, hunky, macho, are words you can use to praise me. 






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