Shades of Truth

I’ve been avidly following the TVB drama “Shades of Truth” (水浒无间道) on Channel U the past 2 weeks.  (Thank God for DVD players that can record onto DVD-RWs!  Woohoo!).  It’s an excellent show.  The premise is that Wu Song (played by Julian Cheung) and Lin Chong (Wong Hei) have reincarnated into this lifetime and Wu Song is now an undercover cop and Lin Chong is a senior inspector with the OCTB.  Wu Song regains his memory of the past life first.. and there’s a whole series of comical incidents as he tries to get Lin Chong to recall the past.

Lin Chong eventually does and (i haven’t watched finish the show yet) they eventually work together to bust a criminal organisation (i think).  Read a couple of reviews online and one of them mentioned that it’s a happy ending.  Yay!  I like shows with happy endings… not like the TVB drama “To Catch the Uncatchable”… such a happy go lucky comedy.. and the male lead dies in the end.  I was quite upset at that.  I mean, if the scriptwriters needed a twist at the end of a happy comedy but couldn’t find one, then just leave it lah!  Why kill off the male lead right?

Back to Shades of Truth, if you haven’t watched it (i’m assuming most people would’ve watched it since Starhub Cable Ch 55 showed it last year), go get the DVD/VCD!  It’s really entertaining!  The scenes where Wu Song meets with his police superior, Inspector Huang, to provide him with info are super hilarious.  Every meeting is in a different venue with a different theme.  Damn goot!

Love this show.  Thinking if i should buy the DVD/VCD for keeps.  Hehe.

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