Why do I get all the Weirdos?

I installed Skype recently (yes, yes, very laggard i know) though i haven’t really used it for any overseas calls.  Did a couple of test calls with Iceman but that’s about it.  MSN is still my preferred mode of communication with friends who are overseas…

About 2 weeks after i installed Skype (i got my photo and real name there), i suddenly started getting messages and calls from weirdos who claimed they know me/ kept bugging me for more info of myself/  wanted to know me.  I really scolded the guy who had the guts to call me… but the scolding was over Skype messaging lah.. ‘cos… heh… i don’t have a microphone plugged into my laptop most of the time.  Haha.  Wouldn’t want to answer the call anyway… too creepy to talk to a weirdo who is allegedly from Dalian, China. 

After a couple of such incidents, my personal message on Skype now says, “Weirdos whom i don’t know, stop messaging me”.  That worked.  No more harassing phone calls or messages from stranger-weirdos.

But my weirdo luck has obviously not run out.  Ok… maybe “weirdo” is too harsh a word to use… but i just met 2 strange people over Friendster.  A couple of days ago, i received an email that said, “Someone has sent you a smile on Friendster”.  So i logged in this afternoon to see who this person was.  It was an unfamiliar name… i was about to delete the message without replying when i decided to view the person’s profile. 

The person turned out to be 1 of Partner’s “brothers” at his wedding… and the only reason i know that is ‘cos there was a pic of all the “brothers”.  I couldn’t tell which of the bro he was though… i only know 4 of the brothers by name and he wasn’t one of them.  Partner happened to be on MSN when i was viewing the profile so i asked Partner who it was… but doesn’t really matter lah.  I’m still not going to respond.  I find it weird when people just “send a smile” to me on Friendster.  I mean, what am i supposed to do?  “Smile” back?  Then we just keep smiling back and forth is it?  Duh!  Say something intelligent if you want a response from me!!  Don’t just give me some stupid virtual “smile” right? 

After i got home from dinner just now, i saw another Friendster alert email.  Some chick wanted to add me as a friend on Friendster.  I was puzzled ‘cos i’m very sure i don’t have any friend by that name.  So i logged into Friendster again to view that gal’s photo.  SHEESH!  Once again, it was someone i didn’t know… but she had a pic of Partner’s wedding photo there too! 

I’m like DUH!!!  Just ‘cos you attend the same wedding dinner with someone doesn’t mean you go around adding that person as a friend on Friendster right?  DUH!?!  I didn’t even TALK or SEE this char bor at the wedding lor!  Wah lau!  Ya lah… maybe she saw me ‘cos i was the emcee but STILL!

Sigh.  Partner wasn’t online this time… but i did send him a message over MSN asking him why his friends so friendly one.  Hmm… maybe i’m the rude one here.  Hahaha.   Whatever.  I’m not adding anyone i don’t know.  Heh.

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