Azure bought a Phiten necklace recently.  In short, Phiten purports to use titanium to stabilise our body’s bioelectric current, thus helping muscles relax and improving blood circulation.  The end result is greater mobility and temporary relieve of pain caused by bursitis, sciatica, tendonitis, certain types of arthritis, etc.

All the sites that sell this product obviously claim to have scientific backing of its prowess… but does it really work?  Anyone got a clue? 


Had lunch with a friend today.  I’ve been trying to think of a nick for this friend for ages but couldn’t come up with something suitable.  I wonder when did this person become my friend?  Got to know him through work… but i’m not really sure at which point in time did this work associate become a friend. 

I think it takes a step of faith to make a new friend.  U need to be able to trust a person to be able to be friends.  I mean, how would u know this person wouldn’t backstab u?  Or if the person could be trusted not to disclose to others things shared in confidence? 

Anyway, this friend of mine told me during lunch today that he may be able to get a parking lot in his office building… and if he succeeds, he will try to arrange for me to have his lot at Golden Shoe.  Yay!  Very helpful friend.  Heh.  Not the first time he’s given me a hand… bailed me out a couple of times by helping me cover up some stuff.  😛

I think i vaguely remember when things took a none work related turn.  It’s all thanks to Daniel Powter’s Bad Day.  Heh.  I think my friend asked me for the mp3 and gave me his personal email.  Guess that was when we started talking about matters outside work.

Hmm… i think i shall call my friend Phiten.  ‘Cos being able to drive to work = greater mobility and he may be the key to alleviation of my season parking woes!

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