The Power of Association

I’ve never liked tabasco sauce before… always found it too sour and not spicy enough… till my trip to the Philippines when i gorged on fresh oysters drenched with tabasco sauce. Since then, i lurve the taste of tabasco sauce… and i believe it’s ‘cos it reminds me of the wonderful oysters i had in Manila.

Walked past a Jap restaurant during lunch today and my eyes wandered to a particular seat outside the restaurant. Thought about the first (and last) time that i ate at the restaurant… was on the Monday of the week of my birthday and lunch was courtesy of someone. Doesn’t appear as though i’ll be having any food/drink break with that person in the foreseeable future. Still feel a tinge of sadness whenever i walk past any such “landmarks”.

A couple of steps later, i saw TCC on my left. A smile came to my face ‘cos the first (and last) time i was there, was to have coffee with a client-friend after our first non-business lunch. That was nice. Who doesn’t like to make new friends right?

Worked till 11pm today. This is the latest i’ve ever stayed in my company… no thanks to client-friend’s colleague. But oh well… i’ve so far had mostly happy moments in Eon… whether it was during my NTU attachment days 7 years ago, or during the past 10 months that i was with the company again.

Hey!! Today, 28 June, marks my 10th month with Eon!

Anyway, time passes so fast. I do hope that i’ll be able to amass more landmarks of happy memories… till i slowly over-ride all the sad ones.

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