Special Ingredient 1

Went to canteen with my colleagues last Wed.  After a couple of drinks, some of us felt kinda hungry so we went to this bak kut teh place at Boat Quay for dinner.  I love that place ‘cos the soup’s really good… can’t remember the name of the shop…. it’s the one next to some pub called Shin.

The service at the shop’s really good.  The waiter even offered us 2nd servings of soup.  Yummy.  3/4 through our food, we saw the waiter telling the other tables whose food had not arrived yet that “the soup cock up” and so they had to stop selling.

Curious, we stopped the waiter and asked him what’s wrong with the soup.  The waiter’s reply was, “The soup ‘sot’ (canto for mad) already”.

I raised an eyebrow when i heard that and asked the waiter, “Huh?  How can a soup be ‘sot’??”  The waiter repeated what he said and walked away.  By this time, we had finished all our food.  After chatting for a while, we were going to ask for the bill when the boss came out and said, “Tonight’s meal is on the house”.

When i heard this, i was like whoa!  We asked the boss why the meal was on the house and the conversation went like this,

“Tonight’s soup something wrong lah.”, said the boss.

“What do you mean tonight’s soup something wrong?”, i asked in shock.

“The cook tonight not obedient.”, was the reply.

“HAR?  What do you mean the cook not obedient?” my eyes opened wide.

“Usually he ok one.  But tonight he not obedient.”, the boss repeated.

Greatly alarmed, i asked, “Er, what exactly do you mean by ‘not obedient’?”.

The boss then said, “He added some special ingredient in the soup.”

Hearing this, my eyes nearly popped out of their sockets.  “What special ingredient did the cook add!!!???”

“Nothing lah.  Just soya sauce.”, was the boss’ reply.

“Soya sauce very special meh?  What’s wrong with that?”, i asked.

The boss went on to explain that his partner is very particular about the standard of the soup.  And by stinging on the meat added into the soup, the cook tried to cover up with adding soya sauce and so the quality of the soup was not as good as usual.  Sounded reasonable though the way the entire thing unfolded was really really weird.

I then asked the boss, is he trying to tell us that we might all get diarrhoea the next day?  The boss laughed and said of course not.  The soup’s really ok.  But if by some freak chance we did get diarrhoea, let him know and he’ll cover our medical bills.

I really didn’t know whether to feel relieved or even more worried when i heard that.  On 1 hand i appreciate the owner’s honesty and integrity/ pride in the food.  But the way they handled the “damage control” was really bad man.  Haha.  Anyway, none of us got stomachache the next day lah… but it was a really really strange experience. 

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