Thought Overdrive

Don’t have much to say actually… that’s why i’ve been posting photos on my blog instead. It’s nice to see some photos sometimes? Nice break from the sea of words? Haha. Got some thoughts on my mind but difficult to put them into writing now.

Going to sleep now… there’s some really old Ch 8 show on TV now. Haha. Got my once fave Sean Say… and my ex-colleague Sebastian Sim! Wahahahahahaha. Hilarious. 😛 Oh no… my colleague’s acting as a wife beater!

The worst thing is not to think too much… but to think about things that are out of your control.


Had lunch with my client today. Really need to find a nick for this client… it’s the one i mentioned in a couple of posts b4… Maybe i’ll just call him “Dash” for now. Anyway, this lunch was arranged since last Thur. But 15min before our appointment time, my boss asked me to have lunch with him and a prospective client. I was like er… should i tell my boss i was having lunch with Dash?? Was kind of weird ‘cos Dash was originally our client, then my boss’ acquaintance/friend first.

In the end, i sms’d Dash to ask if he had left his office already. Dash called and said he was at the bus-stop already. So i told my boss that i was actually meeting Dash for lunch and i couldn’t cancel ‘cos he left office already.

My boss didn’t show any reaction at all. Just said in a very nochalant way that it’s ok… go ahead to have lunch with Dash. I knew my boss, being the super big busybody he was, would surely want to ask more questions… but i played along with him and acted nochalant too.

Lunch was ok. Dash is easygoing and nice to chat with. Not as though this is the first time i’m chatting with him… so it was ok. 🙂

After lunch, my boss casually asked, “So how did lunch with Dash go? Did u all discuss about anything?”. I was like duh! This was a personal lunch what… the way my boss made it sound was as though it was a meeting with a client or something. Haha. I knew his intention was to dig out info… but i diverted the topic away. Haha. I mean, there really isn’t much info to dig lah. Dash is just a client that has now become a friend.


Heard from Beanstalk that there were some rumours circulating about J-san and me. Aiyah… such old news liao. No idea who told Beanstalk about it though. Haha. But i clarified matters. Now Beanstalk is pushing Sharky as a potential candidate. Looks like he doesn’t know about Sharky’s past. Haha. From what my boss said last night, i think he knows about it too. Sharky himself doesn’t remember if he told my boss or not. Haha. Oh well… a lot of things are simplier than they seem. So i’m pretty good friends with Sharky. But that’s it. Friends.


It’s late now. Time to sleep… hair more or less dry… (was waiting for hair to dry after i showered). I had my 3rd tennis lesson tonight. Thoroughly enjoyable. I enjoy whacking the ball hard. Cathartic. Thoughts that can’t be voiced out, can be whacked into obedience.

Life is often more straightforward than what we construe it to be. I just detest my tendency to MM.

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