Sick Again

Argh.  Looks like i pushed myself too hard again last week.  Lack of rest capped with tennis yesterday has done me in.  Am sick.  Sniffing, sore throat, and feverish.  🙁  Not sure if i’m going to take MC tomorrow… or rather later today… sigh. 

Just wrote a letter to myself… to be sent 1 year from now.  It’s really cathartic ‘cos u can write about whatever bugs you at this point in time, and put in a happy wish for yourself 1 year down the road.  (OK, i chose 1 year ‘cos anything longer than that is a little too long for me).  Do check the site out –

A colleague of mine, Yv, called this afternoon.  Yv is one of the drinking gals though she’s not in the “inner circle”.  The inner circle would be people like WC, Bubbs, Ratz and me.  But i digress.  Yv called to gather support for the outing to Dragonfly on Friday.  I said ok and WC said she’ll go too if the rest of us are going.  So i guess it’s on.

I remember the last drinking session we had with Yv.  We were in the ladies when she mentioned that she enjoyed being single and how good it was, etc.  Not that i don’t agree with her… but it’s just that when u harp a little more than necessary about how good it is to be single, it makes me wonder if u’re trying to convince yourself that it’s good? 

That said, i must say that Yv is pretty sweet looking.  Hey!  Some guy at the next table even bought her a drink.  I do not know Yv well enough so i don’t know her background.  But she’s a nice enough person to hang out with.

Anyway, someone asked me recently why am i still single.  In fact, the way the person shot shot his questions made me feel a little hurt.  It was the condescending manner in which they were phrased that really pricked me.  Hey, i’ve never boasted how great it was about being single right?  I believe there’re various pros and cons in being single and being in a relationship.  Both have their fair share of joy and pain.

I would not want to be single if i could help it.  (What to do?  Dearth of good guys.)  But if i had to choose between being alone and being in a relationship that i felt was lacking, i would definitely choose the former.  Better to be happy alone than unhappily together.

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  1. 1 katrine

    I tend to think that it’s better to be happy with oneself, PERIOD – with no ‘other’ factors. Selfish? perhaps.

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