Attempted Blogicide

I’ve just been posed with a serious dilemma. I’ve never been someone to mince my words, nor retract my stand. I’ve always dared to stand up for what i’ve said or done before. But the problem now is that what if things that i believe in don’t just affect me? I don’t give a damn if i lose my job or cause tons of people to hate me ‘cos of something i’ve posted on my blog. I will gladly stand by what i wrote. The problem now is, i’m worried about things i write affecting people that i love. Hence i strongly considered killing off my blog. If i have to censor my thoughts & opinions, then i would rather not have a blog ‘cos i don’t believe in doing things without meaning.My previous blog has been too exposed… some of my colleagues know of it & i guess the more people know about it, the higher the chance of my opinions bringing negative consequences on the people i cherish. Hence i decided to keep a lower profile & only let my closer friends know about this new URL. Should by some freak chance others come to find out about my blog, then i’ll accept that it was meant to be.

It’s tough being a guy…

Hehe… this is a continuation of my “wasted 2 hrs” post. Clown came over at 2:30am last nite. I said he didn’t need to come over since it was already so late but he was already on the way. It was sweet of him. Came over to accompany me while i watched Detective Investigation Files II. Heh… i was selfish… didn’t really entertain him much ‘cos i really wanted to make up my lost 2 hrs & continue to “chase” the serial. But Clown didn’t mind… and we spent the rest of 2 Jan together. Which was fun… i don’t remember ever spending a whole day together without either 1 of us having to go for a viewing or meet a client… not even on our off days (it’s hard to have a collaborated off day).

So the end conclusion is, for 2 hrs of boredom, i got 22 hrs of company… heh… i know my bf’s a sweetie!