Pinky turned 4 weeks old today

Pinky turned 4 weeks old today. When i browsed through all the photos i took of Pinky since birth, it’s like WOW! From a piglet looking mammal when it was first born, to the cutest baby bunny on earth, the transformation in the past 4 weeks is astounding. Pinky’s right ear is completely floppy now…. heh… but her left ear is still standing up. Makes her look kind of strange… in a funny way.

Here are more shots of my darling bunny…

When Aunty Peanut’s away, Pinky will play. (Pinky checking out Peanut’s cage while the latter’s at the side garden.

Compare mommy Horlicks & Pinky’s spots! Very similar!

Feeding time – Pinky does a sommersault to get under Horlicks