Statcounter Readings / Innocent bystander

Whoa… someone read through my entire blog last nite… from 1:33am till the wee hours of the morning. My entire archive, all my posts, every single month, the person read through everything. Sigh…I’m “honoured” that someone bothered to read the blog of someone she doesn’t know much about. Month by month, my blog was combed from the latest post to the end of 2005, then from the start of 2005 to the latest post. Unfortunately, i don’t think she read through my blog out of interest. It was probably to garner more ammunition for her vengeance.

Seriously, i have no intention to provide fodder for your personal feud with you know who. I only mentioned your nemesis in 2 posts so far so you really didn’t have to spend so much time searching through everything. And whatever i wrote, i wrote as a bystander. I don’t agree with either party’s actions but i have no right to judge either.

Whatever you fished out of my blog, please leave me out of your personal vendetta. This blog is about ME, and not about you nor your nemesis so please spare me from being caught in any crossfire. Thanks.

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