Happy 7 weeks old!

Pinky turned 7 weeks old on Mon – 6 Mar 2006. A good friend had the Monday blues and asked why i haven’t been posting updates of Pinky recently… well, i did take some pictures a few days ago but didn’t have the time / energy to post them. Had a not too good throat since last Thur, which was aggravated by my visit to Union Square on Fri night… and after working & singing on Sat & Sun, and the site briefing i had to give on Mon, my voice gave way. My throat got inflammed and resulted in a slight fever. Took this morning off to rest and feel better now.

I also managed to transfer some pictures of Pinky from Clown’s hp to mine… some are really old photos! Hehe… but i’ll post them all here anyway. Everyone loves Pinky right? 😀

Pinky, “Stop bugging me mother!”

Pinky, “No no! No lick-baths for me!”

Pinky, “U cannot reach me. Nai-nee-nai-nee-boo-boo!”

Old photos of Pinky taken from Clown’s hp:

Pinky sleeping on her back – she doesn’t like to do that anymore.

When Pinky could still fit my palm!

U gotta look real carefully to see this… Pinky was a teeny weeny baby and i was putting her to Horlicks’ nipple during feeding time.

Pinky’s parents – Mommy Horlicks is on the left & Daddy Muah Chee is on the right… during their courting days. Hehe.