handsome once again

dear friends of Pinky,relaxed pinky.jpg

i am handsome once again. i went for a dental correction surgery yesterday. my plastic surgeon, Dr. Hsu, said that i had malocclusion so he had my teeth sawed down, and he tried to align them such that they would be in the correct position. think of it as bunny’s version of doing braces… tho’ i don’t have those yucky metal things in my mouth.

pinky cleaning himself.jpg

u know, i think grooming is very very important whether u’re a rabbit or a lesser mortal. i always take great pains to groom my fur, clean my ears & so on. i told Auntie Peanut the other day that she really needs to go for a haircut. just look at that mop on her head!! (u can check out her mop here). she looks like sadako!

peanut e mop.jpg

my daddy too.. he’s always too lazy to dig his ears… and all the ear wax clumps up inside… so disgusting. tsk tsk tsk! anyway, my maid says that she saw this soft toy that really looks like my daddy so she bought it… do u think they look alike? (that’s auntie Patience sitting on top of my daddy lookalike. dunno why she likes rabbity-back rides so much… must have had a deprived childhood…)

muah chee01.jpg patience & muah chee.jpg

sleepy time… goodnight folks!

lotsa love,