Hope for ICQ!

Yesterday, i read in the Straits Times’ digital life section that MSN & Yahoo has just launched a latest version of the 2 IMs that will allow users to send messages across both platforms. Immediately, the thought that came to my mind was… that’s it lah. ICQ is doomed to eternal obscurity. After all, the last version of ICQ that was released was in 2003!! For today’s split-second attention span Internet users, no improvements / innovations for 3 years spells DEATH in caps!

Bitching about the unstability of MSN with a friend today (something screwed up & i had to uninstall & re-install MSN before i could log on), i mourned the loss of ICQ. I was telling him about how ICQ has been dead since 2003, and that the lack of improvements might be linked to the fact that AOL bought over ICQ (er, i’m only linking the 2 events ‘cos the timelime coincided)… when i suddenly had this urge to check the ICQ website.

Lo and behold! There is a NEW ICQ VERSION released! Fresh out of the oven on 11 Jul 2006! ICQ ver 5.1 has incorporated new features like short animation flash, new skins, and being able to choose to log onto ICQ via mobile phone. I haven’t tried it yet but the specs look promising.

After all, the latest MSN copies a lot of the features that the ICQ2003b has… so perhaps if ICQ can innovate & leapfrog in this latest version, a resurrection may be in order.

So tell all your friends! Check out the latest ICQ… resurrect it!

100% Entertainment

I’m impressed. Ch U actually shows pretty updated episodes of 100% Entertainment. I’ve been watching this variety show for about 2 weeks now and i wasn’t really sure how updated the news was. But tonight’s episode featured Fan Wei Qi – covering her concert in Taiwan which ended with her falling off the stage. Spectacular.

Anyway, Fan Wei Qi has joined my idol list. I was first impressed by her song Ying Wei (因为). It’s not an easy song to sing ‘cos it’s hard to get the transition between the normal voice and falsetto part right. But Fan Fan does it with just the right amount of each.

With her latest album, and after seeing her sing live, i’m convinced she’s good. And she seems so approachable & affable too. The Taiwanese describe her as a 傻大姐. I’m definitely going to buy her latest album! 🙂

Way to go Fan Fan!