Fireworks Finale

Didn’t manage to get any tables along the waterfront at all! Stupid waitress who told me to come try my luck… *%#^@. Simi got a few tables available! All bullshit. Every freaking table was reserved lor! Tsk tsk!

But since i was at One Fullerton already, i refused to give up. So i decided to sit as close to the waterfront as possible, and wait for the fireworks display. I camped at the best spot i could find, from 6pm all the way to 9pm. Heh. I must say my Nokia 6280 served me well. Listened to mp3s while reading my notes on international arbitration. The battery life of the 6280 really quite impressive… the playing of mp3s for 2 over hours hardly made a dent on the batt life.

Took more videos of the fireworks display just now. As usual, there was an irritating woman at the front who insisted on standing up when most people were sitting down. Oh well… better than nothing… hope u like the videos.

N73 or Canon Ixus?

Been thinking of getting the latest Nokia N73 ‘cos it comes with a 3.2MP camera. I’ve read several comparisons of the N73 and Sonyericsson’s K800i and the conclusion i got is that the N73 takes better shots in bright light, whereas the K800i gives u better night shots. The N73, howver, definitely is the winner for taking videos.

This conclusion is similar to the performance of my current Nokia 6280 & Cirrus’ SE K750i. My 6280 takes nice shots during the day… but in poor light, Cirrus’ K750i definitely takes clearer shots. We also both took videos of the fireworks but… hehe… of ‘cos mine nicer lah! 😛

While talking to a friend who managed to get his hands on a N73 to play around with, i was kind of convinced by him that instead of banking on the N73 to take decent shots of my rabbits, i should buy a digicam instead. My current digicam’s a Nikon3700 that’s half konked out. I’m thinking of the Canon Ixus… but not sure if it’ll make a worthwhile purchase.

The thing about a hp is that i’ll definitely carry it with me everywhere i go… so i can snap any shots i want, as and when i want to. Of ‘cos, these shots would never be comparable to ones taken by a digicam… but it’s the convenience lah. However, given that bunnies don’t have very long lifespans, i would certainly want to capture every moment of their lives with me. Sigh. I’m torn now.

How Pinky? Which u prefer me to use when i take photos of u?