Best of the Best

This entry is specially dedicated to Muah Chee. Poor poor boy got his ear bitten, and a bit of the edge got chewed off! It’s like jagged & torn at the edge.  So poor thing. My heart goes out to the poor boy. I think it was caused by Coffee ‘cos on Saturday afternoon, Coffee managed to sneak into Muah Chee’s territory & when we found them later, Coffee was lying arrogantly near the gate separating their terroritories, whereas Muah Chee was taking cover behind my old bicycle. There were a few tufts (maybe 2 tufts) of Coffee’s fur on the floor… and a whole lot of Muah Chee’s fur.

At first, i thought there could be more of MC’s fur ‘cos he’s in the process of shedding his fur so it’s a lot easier for him to drop fur. I also inspected both their noses, heads & bodies but didn’t see any obvious injuries. However,  when i went to pat MC just now, i realised that there were bite marks on his right ear!! Poor boy! The marks at near the edge so i may have missed them on Saturday. I feel so sorry for him. He’s always been such a sweet-natured, caring & protective bunny since he was a baby. He’s the only bunny i have that has NEVER attacked another bunny, unless severely provoked. Twice previously, Coffee picked a fight with MC, and kept scratching him till there was blood, and it was only then that MC couldn’t take it anymore & retaliated by pinning Coffee down. But he’s never ever done any real damage to Coffee.

That Coffee’s such an ingrate! When he was young, he used to be bullied by the other bunnies ‘cos he was pretty small in size (still is). And when he got scared, he used to go to MC for protection! In fact, he LOVED sleeping next to MC. But now that he’s grown up, he’s turned on MC! It’s like chewing the paw that protected u! What a horrible meanie! I spanked Coffee just now. Also jabbed his head & told him that if he ever bullied MC again, i’ll let Horlicks (who’s the fiercest of the lot) into his area & let her rip him apart.

I know i’ve always been going ga-ga over Pinky… but that’s ‘cos Pinky was born in my house, and he’s the baby of the family & always needed extra care & protection. Now that Pinky’s grown up, i think my affections are equally split between MC & him. MC deserves the title of The Bestest Bunny ‘cos he’s intelligent (always helps me find Peanut when she goes hiding), helpful (sometimes too helpful… when Peanut digs holes in the grass, he helps her push the soil away!), sweet-natured (always takes care of any bunny who seeks protection & cuddles with him), sharing (’cos he used to be the tallest, he would pull out leaves from the taller plants to share with everyone), and obedient. He can even communicate with us… like how he nudges our ankles & heads towards the fence when he wants to be let out into the front garden… or when he pauses & asks u to accompany him for walks in the garden. I’ve never seen such a special bunny before! He must be one in a trillion!

Muah Chee, u’re the best! Will reward u with extra biscuits later!  Here’s a slideshow of MC from young till now.

RockYou slideshow

I want to be a Tai-Tai

Today is my last day of nua-ing before i start my new job. Sob sob…. so sad… time flies when u’re in a state of perpetual inertia. My new workplace starts work at 8:30am!! Gosh… how on earth can people work before 9am? My body will still be sleeping even if it’s physically in office!

Sigh… i want to be a tai-tai. I think i would be a very low maintenance tai-tai… i only ask for cable TV, and VCD allowance so i can rent all the HK drama serials i want to watch… and maybe 1 or 2 Jap & Korean serials… and i could just vegetate in front of the TV the whole day… ah… so shiok! Then in between serials, i’ll clean up the rabbits’ poop, play with them (i mean the rabbits, not the poop), and so on. If the bunnies are obedient enough, they could even watch TV with me! Wonder if Pinky prefers comedies or action serials… hmmm…

Ok… gotta sleep earlier tonight… no more staying up till 5am then sleeping till 1pm. (Damn!) Hope i’ll be able to adapt to my new work place… and don’t doze off during the half day orientation session with HR! 😛