Chery QQ

Was telling a friend recently that i saw this really eligible guy who has like tons of girls going after him but yet he’s still single. I then jokingly said, “Hmm… maybe he’s gay.”. My friend then said that that’s a mistakened assumption that gals make – that all eligble guys who are single are gay. He said that many of these “eligible guys” are just out for a ONS (One Night Stand). That’s why they’re single.

So i said, well, if he’s the ONS type, shouldn’t it be a lot easier to know him?

My friend replied, “If you drive a BMW, got a Mercedes, Audi, Jaguar parked all waiting somewhere else for you… then you hear of a new car… a Chery QQ… would u bother to try?”

😐 Fine. Point taken. I am a Chery QQ.