it’s not easy to be me

hello once again my friends,

so how did u spend your Christmas?  i spent a good deal of time supervising my maid as she cleaned my mom’s and my cage.  she was supposed to clean my dad’s cage too.. but that slacker didn’t.  after that, it kept raining and so my dad’s cage only got cleaned today.

i wanted to sack my maid u know!  such laziness!  how can she not clean all our cages in time for Christmas?  but my daddy was kind… he told me to forgive her as it’s Christmas.  tsk tsk.  service standards nowadays.. *shakes head*.

here’re some shots of me inspecting my maid’s shoddy work.



“Stupid maid didn’t tie the trash bag properly.”






Sigh.  *Shakes head* 






“Look at the dust!  Tsk tsk!”






“Look at the mess on the window sill!  Terrible maid of mine!”




while cleaning up my house, my maid kept playing this song over and over on her hp.  i think the song really suits me?  i mean… i’m no super bunny… but still.. with the tough life i have, it’s not easy to be me… hope u enjoy the song..



okie… time to sleep now.  Merry Christmas everyone!


lotsa love,


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