Tiring Weddings

Weddings are such terribly terribly tiring events!  Today was my first experience at being a receptionist – for my cousin, Cpt Soh’s wedding.  It was a hectic affair… and i was quite annoyed with one of his colleagues who kept disrupting our system of ticking off the guests who have arrived on a list of names sorted alphabetically.  He kept identifying his colleagues and ticking them off on a list that showed how the tables were sorted, and then throwing the angbaos to us (me and another cousin who were the receptionists for the groom’s side) and barking out their first names.  Like WTH man.  Our list of names were sorted by surnames.  Like how the hell am i supposed to know that “Ah Kow” has the surname “Tan”??  And whenever we sought clarification from him, he would say, “Ah Kow Ah Kow!  Pay attention.  I said the name already”.

Wah lau.  If it wasn’t my cousin’s wedding, i would have so given it to him.  Like slap his face and kick his balls man.  I really had to bite my tongue and tell myself that it’s ok.  He’s probably from the army and that’s how army guys talk.  BUT SO WHAT RIGHT?  Wouldn’t u be pissed off if u had someone barking at u non-stop??  Like hello!  I don’t owe u a living lor.  Idiot.

Got identified again at the recept table.  Saw a rather familiar face and the guy stared at me… but i just kept quiet ‘cos i had no idea who he was… i mean, his face was only vaguely familiar.  He said my name first and i was like, “Er, are u from TJ too?”.  Then he said, “No?!  Hall 11?” 

Didn’t help ‘cos i still couldn’t remember who he was and so i asked for his name.  Ah… i remembered the name though i didn’t remember his face.  He was 1 year my junior in the hall… and i believe he took over my place in some committee after i left.  Heh.  Anyway, i refuse to blame myself for not recognising him ‘cos the HJ from Hall 11 i remember was thin.  Very thin.  The guy who appeared in front of me today?  Not thin.  Sigh.  What’s with all this weight gain man.  Sheesh.

 Anyway, finally got to wear my ao dai.  Heehee.  Very happy to put it to good use.  Got lots of compliments on it too. 

Okie… nap time… dozed off a few times while driving home from the hotel.  Soooo exhausted.  🙁

Happy Birthday!!

Happy Birthday once again to Adam, Superman and Socks!!  Heh… sent out a Happy Birthday sms at the same time… though i know it isn’t quite Superman’s birthday yet ‘cos he lives in Seattle… but my cousin’s getting married 10 June as well and i didn’t want to miss wishing Superman a happy birthday, in case i get really busy at the wedding reception later.

Hope you guys have a really good Sunday, and may the Lord continue to bless u.  🙂

Flower No Power!

I am extremely displeased.  Went to do a manicure + pedicure at Nail Bliss (OUB Centre) today.  Paid an extra $6 for the gal to draw a single blue flower each on my thumbs.  I was not very happy when i saw the gal whip out a box of poster colours to draw the blue flower, instead of using nail polish to draw the flower!  This is the first time i’ve seen a shop use poster colour to draw nail art!  How cheapskate is that man!

After the flowers were drawn, i was asked to wait a little while for them to dry, and then another gal came to apply a top coat of clear nail polish for me.  But she obviously didn’t apply it carefully ‘cos 1 of the flower (both flowers) got washed off when i washed my hands after i left Nail Bliss, and another 2.5 petals got washed off after i showered.

Damn pissed now.  What sort of slipshod work is this man!  U bet they’re gonna get it from me on Mon.  Grrr… now instead of having pretty nails for my cousin’s wedding tomorrow, i’m going to have 2.5 petals on my thumb.  Bloody hell man.  Really pissed.  I can’t even clean the stupid flower off ‘cos i don’t have nail polish the same colour as the rest of the nail.  Argh!  I hope the owner is at the shop on Mon.  So i can scold her, or her husband directly.  People pay so much for the damn manicure package, and then pay extra for her lousy manicurist to draw a stupid flower (the standard of the nail art at Nail Bliss is the WORST amongst all the nail art i’ve done in Singapore) and they want to scrimp and save and use post colour.  WTF man! 

Compared to the excellently drawn flowers i had on all 10 fingers when i did a manicure in Ho Chi Minh for S$12, i feel ripped off by Nail Bliss.  Grr… hell hath no fury like UptownGal’s flower petals ripped off.  Now i’ll have to go rip the stupid shop apart on Mon.  Grr… damn farking pissed.  Not going to sign another package with Nail Bliss once i complete my current package.  Will prob. try out Fave Nails, which is also at OUB Centre.